Who we are

Researchers from worldwide renowned institutions participate in this initiative to help solve KD


Xavier Rodó, Coordinator, Climate researcher and numerical ecologist at ICREA and UDIC-IC3

Josep-Anton Morguí,  Head of the Oceans & Atmosphere Lab at IC3

IC3 Team 

Roger Curcoll, Marguerite Robinson, Joan Ballester, Manel Nofuentes –  IC3, Barcelona. 

Jane C Burns, virologist and pediatrician at Rady’s Children Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine, UCSD, San Diego.

Daniel Cayan  Climate researcher at Scripps at Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) and USGS, La Jolla, CA (USA)

Hiroshi Tanimoto Chemical scientist at Tsuk, at Tsukuba University, Tsukuba (Japan)

Yoshikazu Nakamura Medical scientists at Jichi from Jichi Medical Hospital, Tokyo University, Tokyo (Japan)

Ian Lipkin and Williams Brent molecular biologists  at Columbia University, NY (USA)