First Flights over Japan in 2014

First Flights over Japan in 2014

First Flights over Japan in 2014 to search for the agent of Kawasaki Disease.

Between the 22nd and the 26th of February took place the first 2014 Japan Flight campaign with Roger Curcoll and Manel Nofuentes from IC3.

In this first campaign, up to 5 flights were done, flying from Tokyo to NW the first three days and from Tokyo to W-SW the last two. A Cessna 206 aircraft was used for the campaign, with several modification in its structure in order to put one air inlet in each wing. Operating base was Chofu Airport, West Tokyo.

Three kinds of samples were taken in each flight for later analysis together with control samples:
– Quartz filters, using a modified MCV high volume sampler (30 m3/h), specially built for flight sampling
– Polycarbonate membrane filters, using a 4 l/min KNF pump
– Trace Gases trapped in a HNO3 dissolution with deionized H2O.

Nocturnal ground samples were also taken at Chofu Airport.

Much care was taken in order to keep the samples and the sampling tubing and instruments always in sterile conditions and avoid any contamination.

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