100% of your donation will be used by ISGlobal to directly support the search for the KD agent

With our knowledge and research capacity and your support we can help kids that are going to suffer Kawasaki Disease.
Together we can understand and solve this mysterious syndrome.
If the agent is identified, new drugs and remedies will be possible.

You can make a contribution via bank transfer:

Transfer concept: KAWASAKI DONATION
Bank account number (IBAN): ES98 2100 0555 3602 0259 9098

*Note for donations exceeding 99€:

In accordance with current legislation, we inform you that, in case of donations exceeding 99€, once the bank transfer is done you should send an email to with the following information:

  • Surnames and national identity document (DNI) in the case of physical persons.
  • Complete social denomination and corporate tax ID number (CIF) in the case of legal entities.

In the email you can request a donation certificate (to be able to deduct the amount in the annual income statement).


We seek to identify the agent causing KD


We can anticipate times of enhanced disease activity and issue public health alerts


Knowing what it is, better drugs and treatments will be developed and actions can be taken to minimize risks